World Health Organisation (WHO)

At a WHO executive meet 2020-05-03 “Far from over” were key words.

A news link to World Health Organisation on covid-19 pandemic (press). Some countries say the WHO needs be less biased & more effective but nothing is perfect so push.

The Canadian Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau) has said that he talks to WHO. He needs both Canada & the WHO to be closer & to help make the WHO more effective. The WHO has been criticized recently by taking the words of some foreign diplomats & misconstruing them whilst not thoroughly investigating.

Countries of the world really need an all country effective WHO to advise them how to prepare & to both remind & check on their continuing preparedness steps as what fails in the weakest affects the whole chain.

WHO needs to be effectively arranging charitable contributions towards being prepared & checking results.

The covid-19 pandemic that affects all countries points up the continuous need of of a fully effective WHO supported & pushed by all but turned away from by none.

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