Shining 1

Could it be (since none other has been evidenced) that humans are at he center of life in the cosmos & that through a historical event we humans no longer know & by happenstance trial & error are slowly re-learning? Recently I stumbled across the writing of Ganesh Subramanian which started me thinking.

Virtual House of Commons

As a matter of necessity covid-19 drove Canada to two type of Commons member gatherings. In one just sufficient MPs gather to pass acts. In the other & using the internet MPs met virtually from home to discuss. There has been need to remove flaws but the end result is praised by all as it not only allows members to discuss in both English & French but right out of their own homes. We are now ready to run a series of posts on virtual sittings.

A New Constitution of Canada

Covid-19 has now stopped (More or Less) the economy of Earth Planet and it is unlikely to return as it was. The constitution of Canada needs be changed which can now be done right here in Canada by Canada. So starts this unofficial set of Canada Shines Posts & there will be additions & changes until we hopefully have an official text.


Constitution of Canada

The Constitution of Canada is the supreme law in Canada. It outlines Canada’s system of government and the civil and human rights of those who are citizens of Canada and non-citizens in Canada. Its contents are an amalgamation of various codified acts, treaties between the Crown and indigenous peoples, uncodified traditions and conventions. Canada is one of the oldest constitutional democracies in the world.


Human minds are very inquiring (Hurrah). Sci Fi is interesting to the human mind (very).

Even a true space colony on another star than Sol, one that communicates backward & forward with us in real time is not possible in our near progress. Though the mechanics o setting up such a group of humans are discussed.

This site will encompass only star Sol.