There is a book “As We Have Always Done” by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson in which she touts an old indigenous way of life & another Titled “Tsawalk” by Umeek, E Richard Atleo which could not have been written without a background of latest education.

Suppose that aspects of both are built into an indigenous-settler accord, a move that is certainly in a progressive direction, then we Canadians are left with many living together disputes.

Instead, if after looking at both ways of living alongside & together, we Canadians come to find that indigenous & settler ways have areas that are beneficial to both & then adopt a pact with sides having identical rules that apply to both indigenous & settler we both win. In future days as new items occur both sides are also in accord to discuss and settle in a way that applies identically to both. (As a layman a better statement would have to be written by a qualified person).

Canadians, both indigenous & settler move on. Hurrah.

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