There are no explanations of Cosmic matter & energy acceptable to All Humans. I am one. I was born 1928. At that time in education Reading, Writing & Arithmetic were stressed & though a good start today it is STEAM (science, technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics). We have moved on. In Canada we have two official languages, French & English. I had thought of doing half French half English but decided that someone more familiar with the subtleties should create an all French language site.

This site is centered on Canada which is the second largest country by land area on earth planet. In every way Canada interfaces & trades with other earthen countries & groups so to provide a full picture relationship with them is detailed to

I am a proud Canadian & a Shining Canada in this Earthen planet of Solstar is my dream. Canada is turning out to be a Fair Country. Fair to those Canadians who are indigenous, colonist & settler. Fair too in thinking about & dealing with the many needy others.

This site will be configured to assume earthen humans beat the 2020 pandemic & to accommodate another future earthen pandemic virus, though as it’s name suggests from a Canadian perspective.

Education in Canada with schools, teachers, Internet & laptops is a complex thing & is thankfully able to organize so as to continue when live connections are restricted in the adverse time of a pandemic.

Humankind is stretching out in the Solstar group with plans to populate Mars planet & now we hear of possibly mining the earth planet moon that rotates round earth.

Such is Life.

This site (canadashines.ca) contains information that can be found by any visitor on the internet but is brought together when about “canada shines” care being taken to quote only as allowed, otherwise linked again if allowed.