Human Rights

Canada is in accord & attempts to follow United Nations guides. Canada is altruistic & supports formal & informal efforts, though likely could afford to do more. Canada is known as a Fair country & is among other earth planet leaders in these regards.

Mistakes? Shortfalls? Canadians are human. So yes. In this section hopefully all will be examined & commented.



There is a book “As We Have Always Done” by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson in which she touts an old indigenous way of life & another Titled “Tsawalk” by Umeek, E Richard Atleo which could not have been written without a background of latest education.

Suppose that aspects of both are built into an indigenous-settler accord, a move that is certainly in a progressive direction, then we Canadians are left with many living together disputes.

Instead, if after looking at both ways of living alongside & together, we Canadians come to find that indigenous & settler ways have areas that are beneficial to both & then adopt a pact with sides having identical rules that apply to both indigenous & settler we both win. In future days as new items occur both sides are also in accord to discuss and settle in a way that applies identically to both. (As a layman a better statement would have to be written by a qualified person).

Canadians, both indigenous & settler move on. Hurrah.


Humans cannot control the wind but can set the sails. Humans cannot change history. Humans can meet & work together. Indigenous & Settler humans can agree on the best for all Canadians. Good Indigenous+Settler Canadians are too smart to nit-pick & instead live the lives best for all.

Quarrelling is for no-think humans & so we Canadians move progressively to start agreeing & then advance in collaboration on the best foundations of all.

For so long as this lay person is able here will be recorded events.


Here I lay out my layman plan for the future of Canada & Earth Planet. As a simple minded layman I expect it to go through many iterations.


This section is REAL. Many are the eye grabbing news articles that are “Puff”. You should not see them here.

The most important substance is a vaccine & to it will be added those topics of most importance to Canada but discarded where tried & proven unworkable.


A large land mass this country being Planet Earth’s second by area. Coasts are threesome, West, North, East with the North being more north than the Arctic Circle. Immediately to the south is the country that houses the United States of America.

Here is a picture of a fairly recent range of Canada’s climate range:

See the source image

As of 2020 we are told of an impending change made up of several components that warrant their own sections. The wise ones tell us that barring major changes we head for a warmer clime which we will not like:

Here is a link to government comment Canada Climate (press)